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 Jeff Walton - Class of '68

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The text search engine allows a search to be performed from expressions containing the keywords AND, OR,  & AND NOT.  Wildcard (*) searches are also supported.  Terms may be strung together to do fairly refined searches.   No keyword between terms assumes

Here are some examples showing how to use the wildcard and keywords:


  finds documents containing words beginning with 'sea'

search information

  finds documents containing full words: 'search' or 'information'
search or information
finds documents containing full words: 'search' or 'information'
search and information
finds documents containing both full words:  'search' and 'information' in the same document
search and not information
    finds documents containing the word 'information' but not containing the word 'retrieval' in the same document
search and information and not data
    finds documents containing the words - 'search' and 'information'  in the same document but the document may not contain the word 'data'
search and information and data
    finds documents containing all three words -  'information' and 'search' and 'data' contained in the same document



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