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 Jeff Walton - Class of '68

50th Reunion - Crowne Plaza
September 22, 2018

1.  Bruce and Linda Wagner

2. Steve Betker with Audrey Warrus

3. Steve Feig
with Tsandi Crew

4: Ed and Monica Rosenberg

Some people like to be photographed more than others.  If you have some good photos,
 contact us! 

50th Reunion

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Note: Main people in foreground are listed; photos are edited for posting size.  Original Images available by request.  These were mostly funny photos with props to "loosen up" the reunion.

Photos taken by
Randy and Gabrielle Lofgren

5. Sheldon and Mary Schiebe


6. Chris Utz with
Dallas Richason


7: Debbie Duepner


8. Jerry Jubert
with Nikki Aliota

9. Jeff Walton takes a picture of a picture being taken...

10. Jeff Walton tries the frame with no props

11. ?, Tom and Peggy Newell


12. Bill and Marcia Martin

13. Annette LaPointe and son Luc Gendrot


14. Tury Hage and friend

15. Dale and Kathy Swanson are mysteriously photobombed

  16. Dale and Kathy Swanson

17. Dale Swanson and Glenn Skinner with non-matching hats

18. Jeff Walton and Glen Skinner try out for the cheerleading squad

19. Sandy Nalls
with Dave Reimer

20. Danny and Ann Goodmunson


21. Danny and Ann Goodmunson - Take 2

22. Jan Kennen and Susie Hursh humiliated by a photobomber

23. Randy and Gabrielle Lofgren


24. Randy Lofgren and Franco Capriotti

25. Janice Keller and Len Kennen try it without the magic frame

26. Randy Lofgren ropes Vicki Linden into a photo pose


27. Debbie Abelson with Vicki Linden

28. Susie Hursh and Lucia Harmon are buddies

29. Randy attempts to apply the magic hat to Lucia Harmon and Susie Hursh

30. Jim and Susan Erickson

31. Randy Lofgren and Deb Duepner model the latest in eyewear

32. Susie Hursh was seen with Peter Gordienko


33. Julie Laven introduces herself to Pete Gordienko

34. Pete is taken by surprise

35. Tom and Peggy Newell with Randy Lofgren


36. Tim and Vicki Garbett

37. Tom Newell
and Julie Laven

38. Julie Laven and Bill Sheller

39. Julie Laven and
Bill Sheller

40. Julie Laven tries the magic hat with Vicki Linden

41. Julie Laven and Vicki "Sunglasses" Linden

42. Julie takes her turn with the hat.  Vicki Minus the sunglasses.

43. Bonnie McCannel takes a break from being treasurer to pose with Vicki Linden

44. Steve Feig and Tsandi Crew share a feather boa!

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