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 Jeff Walton - Class of '68

50th Reunion - High School Tour
September 22, 2018

1. Tour Group stage right

2.  The former HS is now Central Middle School

3. Jeff Walton and Susie Hursh check in the tour group.  32 of us hear about the school today

4: Margaret Harder and Marcie Hanson

Some people like to be photographed more than others.  If you have some good photos,
 contact us! 

50th Reunion

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Note: Main people in foreground are listed; photos are edited for posting size.  Original Images available by request

Photos from Betsy Cady,
Franco Capriotti
and Jeff Walton

5. A quiet look at the old
high school


6. George Magdal,
Franco Capriotti,
Julie Laven, Glenn Skinner


The old high school main entrance


8. George Magdal,
Franco Capriotti,
Julie Laven, Glenn Skinner


9. Jim Gaard


10. Starting the tour


11. Tour Group


12. The school district gave everyone a packet along with chocolates!


13. Class of 68 rules the auditorium


14. One more photo, please


15. The stage


16. Look, I carved my name and it's still here!


17. As close as we got to a real group photo for the 50th Reunion

15. Vicki Linden tells everyone about her friend "Charlie the ghost"...

16. 8th Grade Technology Lab

17. Better than what I have at home...


18. The band room looks
the same


19. Remembering the
"Team Teaching" Room

20. Mostly unused lockers

21. Looking down the hall next to the old lounge area


22.  Mr. Hanley used to teach Latin here...

23. Mr. Blonigan's Library was never like this

24.  After tour lunch group

25. Class of '88 was having their event in the same dining room

26.  Great Tour!

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