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 Jeff Walton - Class of '68

50th Reunion - Crowne Plaza
September 22, 2018

1.  Julie Laven requests a song from Bill Martin

2. Bill Martin provides the entertainment

3. Bruce Wagner

4: Chris Utz

Some people like to be photographed more than others.  If you have some good photos,
 contact us! 

50th Reunion

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Note: Main people in foreground are listed; photos are edited for posting size.  Original Images available by request

Photos from Dale Swanson
and Bill Martin

5. Wendy Raun, Bill Martin, Gabrielle Lofgren


6. Steve Feig, Chris Utz


7. Sheldon Scheibe


8. Tury Hage, Dusty Macgregor, Bill Scheller

9. Steve Zank


10. Gabrielle Lofgren


11. Center:  Linda Larson Holst, Monica Rosenberg, Dave Holst

12. Crowd Scene

13. Center:  Tom Buranen, Dague Clark,
Marcie Hanson

14. Sue and Jeff Lambert, Lucia Harmon

15. Jacqe Rasmussen, Pete Gordienko, Gabrielle Lofgren


16. Center: Tom Buranen, Jim Erickson


17. Dallas Richason with Chris Utz, Danny Goodmunson, Luke Stemmer

18. Jeannette Cosby and Glenn Skinner, Steve Betker

19. Mary and Sheldon Schiebe

20. Center: Debbie Abelson


21. Dana Elverum and Mary Fisher (Class of 69), Randy Lofgren

22. Peter Gordienko

23. Sandy Nalls, Dusty Macgregor, Bill Martin, Randy "shades" Lofgren

24. Tury Hage, Steve Feig and Tsandi Crew


25. ?, Peter Gordienko, Randy and Gabrielle Lofgren

26. Dusty Macgregor, ?, Tury Hage, Steve Feig


27. Mark Laberge,
Len Kennen, Janice Kellar,
Bill Scheller

28. Dusty Macgregor,
Deb Duepner, ?

29. Steve Betker (foreground), Dave Holst, Bonnie McCannell, Wendy Raun, Glenn Skinner

30. Linda Larson Holst, Dave Holst, Bonnie McCannell

31. A serious roundtable discussion

32. Bob Simmons, Danny and Ann Goodmunson, Lucia Harmon, Louise Nelson, Sue Hursh

33. Bob Simmons, Danny and Ann Goodmunson, Lucia Harmon, Louise Nelson, Sue Hursh, Debbie Abelson

34. Center:  Annette Lapointe and son
Luc Gendrot

35. Debbie Duepner snaps a photo


36. Frank Caprioti, Norm Bendickson, Sheldon and Mary Schiebe

37. Gary Midge

38. Ed Rosenberg, Luke Stemmer, Pat Bauer, Vicki Linden

39. Monica and Ed Rosenberg, Luke Stemmer

40. Center:  Tom Newell, Jerry Jubert with Nikki Aliota

41. Center:  Sandy Nalls with Dave Reimer


42. Dinner

43. Dinner

44. Steve Zank and Tim Garbett

45. Jeff Walton, Bill and Marcia Martin, Julie Laven


46. Bill Scheller, Wendy Raun, Bill Martin, Gabrielle Lofgren (sitting), Marcia Martin

47. Virtual Reunion with Tim Hawthorne and Leann Schaetzel in New Zealand


48. Via Facebook Live




50. Vicki Linden and Barb Otness talk to Tim Hawthorne and Leann Schaetzel in NewZealand via Facebook Live

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