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 Jeff Walton - Class of '68

Committee Notes:

We met 7/17 at the WYC and Muni to finalize details for the 45th Reunion.  This is the last committee meeting before the reunion.


Dusty Macgregor; Bonnie McCannel; Lucia Harmon;
Jeff Walton; Randy Lofgren; Chris Utz; Gigi Haglund


The WYC location for Friday night is outstanding!  Here is a link to our web site for some pictures and information regarding Friday night.  The facility is through a connection the Bonnie has with the Yacht Club and is $125 for the night.  We have it from 6-11 PM.  There is a $250 damage deposit that is returned if we clean up.  We will close the event down at 10PM to allow time to clean up.  The event will be offered for Free as a pot-luck, BYOB gathering.  This avoids a fee for admission and the associated DRAM shop issues regarding liquor.  We will purchase some supplies and count on everyone bringing some snacks and beverages.  This should help those that can’t afford the dinner cruise to participate in the reunion weekend.  We will put out a box for contributions to defray the cost of the rental and misc items that will be voluntary.  It was also suggested that we put up a big chart of people that we are trying to find for classmates to mark-up if they know anything regarding where-abouts.  At the end, attendees can go home or continue socializing at a nearby location like the Muni in Wayzata.  As of 7/17, there were 31 signed up for Friday with 11 maybes.  An email will go out by 7/24 with payment by 8/9.


As of 7/17, we have (44) classmates and guests that had committed to the cruise.  We will figure on another 3-4 soft registrations that come in late.  With the cost of the boat, fuel, dinner and gratuity, we will need to charge $75 to make sure that we can cover the costs.  At the 40th, the cost was $70 but we had another (~20) in attendance, so the math is a little more expensive.  The boat will cost ~$35-$40 per head and the dinner is ~$30 per head.   Bonnie will finalize the dinner menu arrangements on 8/9.  The deposit has been paid and we will ask people to gather at 5:30 PM so that we can leave on time and take care of the mandatory safety speech.  Decorations will be minimal – Balloons and such are sufficient.  Try to have some from the previous evening to help cover the requirement.  Here is a link to the information for the cruise.


The plan is to converge on the Maynard’s Patio at 9:30 PM.  This is purely informal and we will do the same as for the 40th reunion.  No program, just socializing if people want to meet up after the dinner cruise.

Thanks to everyone that helped the committee!  We have actually found about 5 more classmates than for the 40th and a lot more emails.  We have (150) emails, which is great!


Last Update February 25, 2020
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