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 Jeff Walton - Class of '68

Committee Notes:

We met 3/21/13 at the Muni to continue planning the 45th Reunion.   Busy night with basketball tourneys but good attendance!

Classmates in Attendance:

Dusty Macgregor; Bonnie McCannell; Lucia Harmon; Jeff Walton; Jeff Lambert; Chris Utz; Gigi Haglund; Janice Kellar; Judy Gerold; Bill Scheller; Randy Lofgren; Steve Tibbetts

Updating the Class Data:

We continue to make progress updating our class roster.  Updated printouts were passed out to the first 7 people at the meeting.  (ran out after that)

The rate of updates is diminishing as the remaining parties are mostly those with old or no information.  We have only about six left that have bad emails since last reunion.  There are still about ten people that attended the 40th that have not been in contact with us during 2013.  Anyone that has not been in contact since the last reunion, but still has information in our files, has been classified as “Unverified”.

Rather than continue with just alphabetical searches, we decided to try to find more people by asking everyone to pick a few acquaintances from the list to locate.  We actually got some new information from Steve Tibbetts and Randy Lofgren when they called some people during the meeting.  Steve Tibbetts spoke to Jeff Rice; Randy spoke to Tracy Howe and had a phone number for Bill O’Melia.

We are also checking if Sue Lepowsky is deceased.  It was reported that she may have died but we have no details.

Here are the tasks that were volunteered for individual searching:

Steve Tibbetts 

Will find: 
Steve Thompson, Connie Busby, Jim Clemons,
Brian Henning, Wayne Stonelake, John Stender

Dusty Macgregor 

Will find: 
Debbie Abelson, Dave Ohlausen

Chris Utz 

Will find: 
Kris Young, Ken Luby, Barry Stensrud,
Bruce Wagner, Vicki Linden

Bill Scheller

Will find: 
Greg Hamilton, Tury Hage

Gigi Haglund

Will find: 
Peter Gordienko

Randy Lofgren

Will find: 
Bill O’Melia, Tracy Howe, Robin Zackariasen

Sue Hursh

(Even though she wasn’t present, was thoughtfully volunteered to find):  Pudge Linmann, Sue Lindelof

Please send any new updated information to Jeff for real-time updating. 

Classmates that are found can be encouraged to update their own info from the web site at:


Here is our current status:

  • Total of grads and others:  294
    (263 graduated with class in 1968)

  • 2013 Contact (Verified): 127

  • Verified in 2008 but no contact in 2013 (Unverified – reclassified since last meeting): 37

  • Address on file but not verified (Unverified – includes above group): 87

  • Last Physical mail undeliverable (Delivery Returned): 24

  • No address or contact information (Missing): 32

  • Deceased: 25

The search committee is receiving a PDF file attachment that has the updated class information as of 3/21/2013 in a separate email.  It is password protected and is for the purpose of helping with the search.

Search Tools:

We scrapped the idea of the search tool subscription.  It seems that there are too many internet based search companies that specialize in business models which will do anything to try to trick users into clicking buttons that will charge a credit card.  We could not find one that would do a subscription for 30 days and charge one price.  Everything was open ended and featured a multitude of “extras” with no control to prevent extra charges.  Too bad that so many business make profits from mistakes and “less than ethical” practices.


We do not have access to a bulk mail permit through any of the committee, so we will just do things via first class postage.  Bonnie checked with Jake Cadwallader and he no longer had bulk mail access.   We will do one last round of individual searches in the next couple weeks and then do a physical mailing to all that are unverified as of that time.  Jeff Walton can do a mail merge from the database.  Pat Bauer sent a copy of the letter from the last reunion and we additionally need to get a form together for people to reply to.  The mailings will come from the committee and be returned to Bonnie McCannell as the Class Treasurer.

Suggestions or Input:

It was noisy at the Muni, so if anyone has any input or suggestions regarding the information in these notes or for the committee (in general), please send an email and we can share with the committee.

Next Meeting:

Date:  April 25th at 6:30 PM  
Location: The Muni in Wayzata.


Last Update February 25, 2020
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