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 Jeff Walton - Class of '68

Committee Notes:

We met 2/28/13 at the Muni to continue planning the 45th Reunion

Classmates in Attendance:

Dusty Macgregor; Bonnie McCannel; Lucia Harmon; Jeff Walton;
Jeff Lambert; Chris Utz

Item of Note:

Mike Leviska sent the committee a donation of $100 to help with mailings and etc.  Bonnie sent him thanks for the donation and we all appreciate any help in time or support to pull the reunion together.  Thanks, Mike!!

Updating the Class Data:

During the last month we made great progress updating our class roster after splitting the task by alphabet with committee members taking a portion of the listing.  We passed out updated lists to all present to work on for next month’s meeting.  The new lists contain some additional information to make the search easier:  Middle names or initials; date of last contact.

Here is how the info was split for this month:

A; B 

Judy Gerold (will send via email)

C; D; E; I; J 

Bonnie McCannel

F; G 

Janice Kellar (will send via email)


Lucia Harmon

K; L

Randy Lofgren (will send via email)

M; N; O

Dusty Macgregor

P; Q; R

Jeff Lambert

S; T

Sue Hursh / Gigi Haglund (will send via email)

U; V; W; X; Y; Z

Chris Utz

Please send any new updated information to Jeff

Classmates that are found can be encouraged to update their own info from the web site at:


Here is our current status:

Total of grads and others:  294
(263 graduated with class in 1968)

  • 2013 Verified Updates: 111

  •  Verified in 2008 but not yet contacted: 46

  •  Address on file but not verified: 55

  • Delivery Returned in 2008: 26

  •  No address (Missing): 32

  • Deceased: 24

The search committee is receiving a PDF file attachment that has the updated class information as of 3/1/2013 in a separate email.  It is password protected and is for the purpose of helping with the search.

Search Tools:

There are some resources on the web that may be useful in locating phone numbers, addresses and emails.  Just about anything of any value is “pay-walled” so the committee did a quick survey and decided to try out a service for the next month or two and share the info with the committee to access the search service.  We think that a good service will be available for about $30/month.  Jeff W. will make arrangements and get the info out to the committee members before the next meeting.

Event Date:

The date is set for the weekend of August 24th.  Dusty and Bonnie will make arrangements with one of the excursions on Minnetonka to reserve the time.  There was general agreement that we need to get the date information out to everyone as soon as possible to help plan for the summer.


The committee discussed options for doing one physical mailing to make sure that we reach out to everyone.  While we have email and the web, there are classmates that are not connected and also some of the email addresses may not be current.  The other concern is that email can easily be caught up in spam filters and not everyone can be guaranteed of checking the junk folder.  Bonnie has previous examples of what we sent out and everyone agreed that Pat Bauer loves to help put the form together.  Bonnie was also going to contact Jake Cadwallader and see if he could help with the mailing like he did for some past reunions.

Next Meeting:

Date:  March 21st at 6:30 PM  
Location: The Muni in Wayzata.


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